The Burgundian Dress Project pt. 2

It’s done! It’s finished!
I entered the whole ensemble in this year’s Pentathlon in Caid where it placed 1st place Journeyman. I also constructed a new supportive underkirtle since the previous v-fronted design wasn’t enough support for me.

Wow, Shiny!

This project consisted of:
– One gown in brocaded silk, appropriate for 1480 – 1490, trimmed in (faux) sable, silk velvet, and silk taffeta. All visible seams handsewn in silk thread.
– One underkirtle, handsewn, of black worsted. Lined and trimmed in emerald taffeta, with fingerloop braid for lacing.
– One belt and gorget in black velvet, handsewn.
– One truncated hennin lined in buckram and covered in blue taffeta, with velvet frontlets, handsewn.
– One veil of silk gauze, hand-hemmed.

To see the construction of this project, please download my pentathlon submission documentation here:

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